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Antonella Filippi

Antonella Filippi, 2019
Photo by Domenico Benedetto

Antonella Filippi (born December 20, 1956, Turin, Italy; haigō Fukurō). Her varied work experience has included serving on the editorial staff of the magazine La Tenda; managing a publishing house; founding an association that offered environmental integration courses for adults and young adults and creating a series for RAI Italian television; working as scientific director and R&D manager for a Milan-based company; and teaching in a medical college. Filippi discovered haikai in eighth grade, and has published five books, including three of her haiku and photographs, as well as critical articles and short stories. She is a member of the Meguro International Haiku Circle in Tokyo and Cascina Macondo in Turin, serving as an administrator of that cultural association and as a judge in its International Haiku Contest (2003–2019). Recently, she has been organizing courses on haiku composition and teaching for the European project PAROL! Scrittura e arti nelle carceri, oltre i confini, oltre le mura (WORD! Writing and the Arts in Prisons, Beyond Borders, Beyond Walls). She practices Zen meditation and resides in Turin.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on December 22, 2023