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Chuck Brickley

Chuck Brickley, 2017
Photo by Kimberly Brickley

Chuck Brickley (born Charles McAlpin Brickley, October 11, 1947, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.), grocer, songwriter/producer, and haiku poet. He was Associate Editor of Modern Haiku under the editorship of Robert Spiess from 1980 to 1985 and is currently serving as 2nd Vice President of the Haiku Society of America. In addition to haiku journals, his work has appeared in two major Canadian haiku anthologies (1979 and 1985), The Haiku Anthology (2nd ed., 1986), and Haiku In English: The First Hundred Years (2013), among others. His first book of haiku, earthshine, won laurels in the THF Touchstone Awards and the HSA Merit Book Awards in 2017 and the Marianne Bluger Book Award in 2020. Brickley resided in rural British Columbia for 35 years and now lives in Daly City, California.

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Updated on April 28, 2024