Clysta Seney

Clysta Seney, 2011
Photo by Bill Seney

Clysta Seney (born Clysta Ellen Seney, 1946, Yreka, California, U.S.A.), retired from the high tech sector. She came to haiku in 2012 by attending the 5th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference in Asilomar, California. She then joined the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society and volunteered in the YTHS library in History Park San Jose. In 2016 she edited Old Pond: The Art of Haiku, a collection of essays selected from the YTHS journal Geppo. She has also worked as a volunteer in the American Haiku Archives at the California State Library. She was awarded second prize in the 2020 Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Haiku Contest and an Honorable Mention in the 2021 contest. Seney also enjoys participating in the online community events of the The Haiku Foundation. She resides in Santa Clara, California.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on July 28, 2022