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Darina Deneva

Darina Deneva, 2021
Passport photo

Darina Deneva (born Darina Georgieva Deneva, Bulgarian Cyrillic: Дарина Георгиева Денева, December 7, 1969, Ruse, Bulgaria), Bulgarian translator and haiku poet. She graduated from Sofia University with a degree in Russian and English Studies and has been writing haiku in Bulgarian, English, and Russian since 2012. Her work has been published in journals and websites from several countries including Ulitka (Улитка/Snail; Russia), Blithe Spirit (U.K.), and Actualno.com and Нова Асоциална Поезия (New Asocial Poetry; Bulgaria) as well as multinational anthologies including Más-más csönd / Различна тишина (A Different Silence; 2012), Прегръдки за непознати / Free Hugs to Strangers (2016), Wishbone Moon (2018), Peonies / Божури (2019), and Настройване на цигулките / Tuning up the Violins (2022). Deneva coauthored the trilingual haiku collection Кибритени лодки / Matchbox Boats / Лодки из спичечных коробков in 2014. She resides in Sofia. 

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on January 28, 2023