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Deborah P Kolodji

Deborah P Kolodji, 2015
Photo by Naia

Deborah P Kolodji (born Deborah Pauline Anderson, August 11, 1959, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.),  American technical consultant, poet, and haiku workshop leader. Author of four chapbooks of poetry (two haiku), an e-chapbook of scifaiku, and a Touchstone Distinguished Book of haiku, she is the California Regional Coordinator of the Haiku Society of America, serves on the Board of Directors for Haiku North America and as the moderator of the Southern California Haiku Study Group. She co-organized the 2013 Haiku North America Conference on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA), she was the first editor of Dwarf Stars, a collection of the best short-short speculative poetry of the previous year (which is used to determine the Dwarf Stars Award), and created, with Samantha Henderson, the SFPA online journal Eye to the Telescope. Kolodji’s e-chapbook, Tug of a Black Hole, won 2nd Place in the chapbook category of th2022 SFPA Elgin Awards, and in 2023 she was honored as recipient of the inaugural SFPA President’s Lifetime Service Award. She resides in Temple City, California.

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Updated on April 12, 2023