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Dilyana Georgieva

Dilyana Georgieva, 2010
Photo by Atanas Kunchev

Dilyana Georgieva (born Dilyana Dimitrova Georgieva, Bulgarian Cyrillic: Диляна Димитрова Георгиева, March 2, 1972, Vratsa, Bulgaria), Bulgarian opera singer, human resources manager at MMConsult (a business consulting firm), and haiku poet and organizer. She has been a member of the Bulgarian Haiku Union since 2012 and its chairwoman since 2020. She coauthored the trilingual haiku collection Кибритени лодки / Matchbox Boats / Лодки из спичечных коробков (2014) as well as a rengay collection, Капризи / Whimsies (2018). She has been published in anthologies including Más-más csönd / Различна тишина (A Different Silence; 2012), Beyond Words / Отвъд думите (2018), Climats / Климати / Climi (2018), Морето / The Sea (2021), and Настройване на цигулките / Tuning Up the Violins (2022). Her work has won recognition in competitions including 1st and 5th International Cherry Blossom Haiku Contests (Sofia, Bulgaria; 2016 and 2021), the contest at the BHU “Wind Bearers—Aesthetics and Philosophy of Haiku Poetry” conference (2016); and the 6th and 7th Bulgarian National Haiku Contests (Haiku Club Sofia; 2013 and 2014). She resides in Sofia.

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Updated on September 25, 2022