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Elisaveta Shapkareva

Elisaveta Shapkareva, 2020
Photo by Ivan Dobromirov

Elisaveta Shapkareva (born Elisaveta Lyubomirova Shapkareva-Liza, Bulgarian Cyrillic: Елисавета Любомирова Шапкарева-Лиза, December 6, 1956, Sofia, Bulgaria), Bulgarian poet and haiga artist, member of the Bulgarian Haiku Union and the World Haiku Association, and president of the Bulgarian Association of Macedonian Families. Shapkareva’s work has been featured in national and international journals. Her haiku and haiga have appeared in Bulgarian-language print and online anthologies including  Дъждовни семена (Rain Seeds; 2001), Птицата (The Bird; 2003), Огледала/Mirrors/Miroirs (2005), Más-más csönd/Различна тишина (A Different Silence; 2012), Beyond Words/Отвъд думите (2018); and World Haiku (the WHA annuals for 2005 and 2006). She has published two haiku books: Тихо (Quiet; 2003) and По здрач (Evenfall; 2006). Shapkareva resides in Sofia.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on September 25, 2022