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Emiko Miyashita

Emiko Miyashita, 2021

Emiko Miyashita (Japanese: 宮下惠美子; born September 6, 1954, Fukushima, Japan), haiku poet writing in Japanese and English. She was trained by Akito Arima in his haiku group Ten’i (天為, “Providence”) for 28 years and is now a dōjin for the Shin (晨, “Dawn”) group. She serves as a secretary of the Association of Haiku Poets, a councilor of the Haiku International Association, and an executive director of the English-Speaking Union of Japan, as well as a director of the JAL Foundation in charge of the World Children’s Haiku Contest. Since 2005 she has written a column on the HIA web page dealing with haiku activities outside of Japan. She is a member of Haiku Canada and the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society. Miyashita is the author of one haiku collection in Japanese (2002) and one in English (2004). She edited The New Pond: An English-language Haiku Anthology (2002) and has cotranslated collections of haiku by Masajo Suzuki (2000), Akito Arima (2002), Yoshiko Yoshino (2002), and Taneda Santōka (2006) as well as several anthologies. She currently lives in Tokyo.

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Updated on December 26, 2021