Ernest Wit

Ernest Wit (haigō of a Polish poet born January 5, 1961, near Poznań, Poland). A linguist by education, he has worked as a teacher, translator, editor, and lexicographer. Wit is a member of the Polish Haiku Association. His haikai have been published in leading Polish and international print and online journals, almanacs, and kukai and included in the Red Moon anthologies for 2012 and 2018, Bruce Ross’s A Vast Sky (2015), Lee Gurga and Scott Metz’s Haiku 2016; and Scott Mason’s The Wonder Code (2017), among others. He is the author of three books of haiku: Gorzki wiatr: sto haiku / Bitter wind: one hundred haiku (2015); Black and White (2016), and Ku światłu / Towards Light (2019) as well as a coeditor of all four annual almanacs of the Polish Haiku Association (2018–2021). His haiku have won recognition in Japanese, British, and American competitions. Wit won the 2021 Ewa Tomaszewska Poetry Award for the best haiku in English. He has been listed on the European Top 100 most creative haiku authors every year from 2010 through 2022. He lives in a small town near Szczecin, Poland.

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Updated on February 25, 2023