Fabia Binci

Fabia Binci
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Fabia Binci (born December 19, 1946, Jesi, Ancona, The Marches, Italy), Italian teacher of literature, history, and creative writing in high schools in Turin and Genoa for more than 30 years; journalist; editor; and haiku poet. Since 1992 she has coordinated the Creative Writing Workshop of the Unitre Arenzano Cogoleto and is editor-in-chief of their magazine N.O.I. Nuovi Orizzonti Insieme. She is a member of the Association of Journalists. Binci served as judge in the annual Cascina Macondo International Haiku Contest in Italian until 2019, and took part in their project Parol! Scrittura e arti nelle carceri, oltre i confini, oltre le mura (Word!1 Writing and Arts in Prisons, Beyond Borders, Beyond the Walls) with a lectio magistralis about haiku. Two books of Binci’s haiku have been published: Haiku golosi (Greedy Haiku; 1996) and Haiku per un anno (Haiku for One Year; 2020), and she has a book of interviews with Don Andrea Gallo, a priest and social activist in Genoa (2000). Binci resides in Arenzano, Genoa, Italy.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

  1. Parol is probably a play on words in Italian: parole means “words” as well as “parole,” limited release from incarceration. []
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