Ignatius Fay

Ignatius Fay, 2019
Photo by Kathryn Fay

Ignatius Fay (born Ignatius Charles Peter Fay, March 30, 1950, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada), Canadian invertebrate paleontologist, graphic designer, poet, author, editor and publisher. He is the author of a two-volume anecdotal autobiography; coauthor of three poetry collections, a coffee table art book of Canadian scenery, and a thriller novel centered on a conflict between vampires and Native Haida mythology. He has served for eight years as the editor of the email newsletter for the Haiku Society of America as well as the layout artist for a number of HSA publications, including Frogpond. He is the founding editor of Tandem: The Rengay Journal and serves as Ontario regional coordinator for Haiku Canada. Fay is disabled with severe cardiopulmonary diseases and still lives in Sudbury.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on September 2, 2021