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Rowan Beckett

Rowan Beckett, 2021
Self-portrait from Facebook

Rowan Beckett (birthname/deadname Lori Ann Minor, born September 11, 1992, Beckley, West Virginia, U.S.A.; known as Lithica Ann in 2012–2022), American actor, stage manager, editor, publisher, activist, and haiku poet.1 They2 are the author of six haikai chapbooks, including Touchstone Award nominees Recycled Virgin (2020) and Hot Girl Haiku (2021), and recipient of more than 15 haikai awards including two poems shortlisted for The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems (2017, 2019). They coined the term “femku” in 2017 and were the founder and editor of #FemkuMag (2018– ) and ubu.:small absurdist poems (2021– ) as well as coeditor (with Joshua Gage) of Otoroshi Journal for short-form horror poems (2021– ). They are also publisher of Moth Orchid Press (previously Title IX Press) for underrepresented voices in English-language haiku, and a presenter at Haiku North America conferences (2019, 2021). Rowan Beckett resided in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2022.


  1. This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come. []
  2. Beckett is gender fluid and uses both she/her and they/them pronouns. []
Updated on June 24, 2023