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Robin Anna Smith

Robin Anna Smith, 2022

Robin Anna Smith (born Robin Ann Warner, 1971, Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A.; haigō GRIX and rs), American fine artist, craftsperson, editor, publisher, author, and haiku poet. They were founding editor in chief of the monthly print/web journal Human/Kind: A Journal of Topical and Contemporary Japanese Short-forms and Art (2019–2020) and Human/Kind Press; Whiptail: Journal of the Single-line Poem (2021); and a founder of the Trailblazer Contest (2021) and of the small, independent international Cloudlanders Haiku Study Group (2020). Smith served as assistant coordinator for The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Awards (2021) and coordinator of the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems (from 2022), and, from 2019, assistant editor of both Sonic Boom and Yavanika Press. They reside in Middletown, Delaware.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on February 5, 2023