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Sondra J. Byrnes

Sondra J. Byrnes, 2020

Sondra J. Byrnes (born Sondra J. Sand, December 29, 1944, Great Bend, Kansas, U.S.A.), retired attorney and professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School and the Mendoza College of Business. Byrnes took up haiku composition in 2011, and her work has been published in print journals including Modern Haiku and Frogpond, and online in The Heron’s Nest, A Hundred Gourds, and Bones, among others. Byrnes is also active on social media platforms. Her haiku have been anthologized in Lee Gurga and Scott Metz, eds., Haiku 2015: 100 notable ku from 2014 and Haiku 2016: 100 notable ku from 2015; Kala Ramesh et al., eds. Naad Anunaad: An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku (2016); and Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts, eds., A New Resonance 10 (2017). She was elected secretary of the Haiku Society of America in 2015, cofounded the Santa Fe Haiku Study Group in 2015, and served on the planning committee for Haiku North America 2017—Santa Fe. In addition to short-form poetry, Byrnes is interested in ikebana and chanoyu (tea ceremony). She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on September 2, 2021