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Steliana Cristina Voicu

Steliana Cristina Voicu, 2022
Photo by Anca Elena Voicu

Steliana Cristina Voicu (born May 16, 1987, Ploiești, Romania), poet and writer in a variety of genres. She started to write poetry and began studying Japanese in primary school, and turned to haiku in 2007. She has published haiku, haiga, tanka, poetry, and short prose in Romanian, English, French, and Japanese in more than 40 periodicals and anthologies. A Touchstone Award–nominated poet, Voicu has been listed on the European Top 100 most creative haiku authors every year from 2012 through 2023. She won First Prize in the Wild Plum International Haiku Contest (Poland, 2015), First Prize in the 2015 Fleeting Words Tanka Contest (United Haiku and Tanka Society, 2015), Third Place in the Prix Jocelyne-Villeneuve competition (Canada, 2017), and Third Prize in the Kusamakura Haiku Competition and an Honorable Mention in the Fujisan Tanka Awards (both Japan, 2023), among others. She is the editor of the online Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal, which she founded in 2023, and resides in Ploiești, Romania.

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Updated on March 29, 2024