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The annual Betty Drevniok Award was established by Haiku Canada in 1998, in memory of Betty Drevniok, who served as secretary of the society from 1977 to 1979 and president from 1979 to 1982.

The competition is open to all. Up to three unpublished haiku that are not under consideration anywhere else may be submitted. There is no charge to enter, and there are no categories or restrictions on the type or style of haiku that will be considered. The judge typically selects 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place haiku and about eight Honourable Mentions. Prizes in the amounts of Can$100, 50, and 25 are awarded to the top three winners.

Each year the winners, their haiku, and the judge’s comments are announced at the Haiku Canada Weekend in May, made available on the HC website in early June, and published as a trifold sheet distributed to Haiku Canada Members along with the society’s journal, Haiku Canada Review.

Winning haiku from the 2006 contests to the present are archived on the Haiku Canada website. Submission guidelines for the current contest are posted here.

Betty Drevniok Award 2020

Contest coordinatorCarole MacRury
Number of entries660 haiku by 229 poets from 38 countries
1st PrizePamela Cooper, Montreal, Que.a stop sign
in Inuktitut—
the wind unyielding
2nd PrizeAna Drobot, Bucharest, Romaniafirst snowdrops—
my favourite songs
on repeat
3rd PrizeBarry George, Philadelphia, Pa.moonlit
our cell phones charging
side by side
Honorable Mention (8)Sheila K. Barksdale, Gotherington, U.K.backyard barbecue
a curl of watermelon
with little rat feet
Lynne Jambor, Vancouver, B.C.cloud-streaked sky
a pebble in my
hiking boot
Mark Miller, Shoalhaven Heads, N.S.W., Australiaspring cleaning
finding her scent
in the unfinished scarf
Maxianne Berger, Outremont, Que.string hammock cat’s cradle
Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.river bend—
someone in waders
taming clouds
Hifsa Ashraf, Rawalpindi, Pakistanbarbed wire fence
the jigsaw puzzle
of my homeland
Ngô Hồ Anh Khoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamspring cleaning
the echo lingers longer
in the vacant room
Brad Bennett, Arlington, Mass.all the songs
we know by heart
mountain stream

Betty Drevniok Award 2019

JudgePat Benedict Campbell
Contest coordinatorCarole MacRury
Number of entries471
1st PrizeSimon Hanson, Tasmania, Australiacrossing the lake
the nightly journey
of stars
2nd PrizePamela A. Babusci, Rochester, N.Y.first snow
he lightly brushes
her mastectomy scars
3rd PrizeAlan S. Bridges, Littleton, Mass.where we cast
handfuls of his ashes
the leap of a trout
Honourable Mention (8)Steven Clarkson, Taupo, New Zealandblackbird
she describes its flight
with her eyebrows
Angela Leuck, Hatley, Que.late summer
her foot swings
at a cloud’s pace
Sharon Morrison, Montréal, Que.november drizzle
smell of potatoes
being dug
Ngô Hồ Anh Khoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamcherry blossoms
mother sweeps away
her fallen strands of hair
Aparna Pathak, Haryana state, Indiacustody battle …
the zigzag edges
of my nail
Pragya Vishnoi, Uttar Pradesh state, Indiafirst date
her chopsticks
pick air
Joshua Gage, Pepper Pike, Ohiopower outage
I begin to listen
to the rain
Irene Golas, Sudbury, Ont.the old farm …
such a small place
for all that struggle

Betty Drevniok Award 2018

JudgeMike Montreuil
Contest coordinatorJoanne Morcom
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeBruce H. Feingold, Walnut Creek, Calif.fallen redwoods
the solitary walks
after illness
2nd PrizeAnn Magyar, Brighton, Mass.drift of leaves
my grandfather’s voice
calling the cows home
3rd PrizeIndra Neil Mekala, Andhra Pradesh, Indiavictory parade –—
the tire marks of
a wheelchair
Honourable Mention (6)Srinivasa Rao Sambangi, Hyderabad, Indiahazy moon
but I know what
the kick meant
Kevin Goldstein-Jackson, Dorset, U.K.funeral procession
             small girl asks
       “will there be cake?”
Dan Iulian Ciupitu, Bucharest, Romaniarefugee camp —
just the full moon’ bauble
in a Christmas tree
Helen Buckingham, Somerset, U.K.once a school …
tulips line
the hospice drive
Susan Burch, Hagerstown, Md.Baskin-Robbins
we sample new
baby names 
Agnes Eva Savich, Austin, Texasa ripple carried
past a bend in the river …
her baby’s ashes 

Betty Drevniok Award 2017

JudgeLeRoy Gorman
Contest coordinatorClaudia Coutu Radmore
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeAndrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lithuaniajump over
and once again—
spring creek
2nd PrizeAalix Roake, Rolleston, New Zealandgeese passing …
I have heard they mate
for life
3rd PrizeCarl Seguiban, Burnaby, B.C.multicoloured sky
for once, the children 
pull the strings
Honourable Mention (8)Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiești, Romaniacyclamen in bloom—
in the oncologist’s office
still pretty in pink
Iulian Ciupitu, Bucharest, Romaniadouane —
in the eyes of a refugee
the borderless sky
Harvey Jenkins, Winnipeg, Man.rusted mountain bike
wildflowers move
between the spokes
Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lithuaniasummertime
in the cemetery
Irene Golas, Sudbury, Ont.blueberry pie
no need
to be perfect
Julie Bloss Kelsey, Germantown, Md.barrier island—
the bray of wild horses
drifts on sea breeze
Christina Sng, Singaporespring weeds
in my organs
Joshua Gage, Broadview Heights, Ohiowinter rehearsals
those strands of hair
that escape her bun

Betty Drevniok Award 2016

JudgeTom Clausen
Contest coordinatorClaudia Coutu Radmore
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeRuth Powell, Prince George, B.C.starlit night
only the sound
of my paddle
2nd PrizeOwen Bullock, Canberra, AustraliaI would have given up
so many times …
we mend the tent
3rd PrizeLiz Fenn, Wellsville, N.Y.soft light
in a room
of bare walls
Honourable Mention (9)Julie Warther, Dover, Ohio quietly joining
the conversation …
prairie stars
Chen-ou Liu, Ajax, Ont.home from the hospital …
a robin’s song
and nothing else
paul m., Bristol, R.I.lilac breeze
the dog nudges the door open
with her nose
Sheila Weaver, Gibsons, B.C.deserted
the spider web
still catching flies
Rodney Williams, Trafalgar, Vic., Australiainhaling deeply
at the kitchen doorstep …
summer rain
Helen Buckingham, Wells, U.K.first love
beneath the mulberry
Stephen Toft, Lancaster, U.K.late summer—
boys building a dam
in the stream
Ruth Powell, Prince George, B.C.suspended
for a heartbeat
top of the ferris wheel
Rodney Williams, Trafalgar, Vic., Australiaopen garden day—
swallows weave across lawns
between guests

Betty Drevniok Award 2015

JudgeCarol MacRury
Contest coordinatorClaudia Coutu Radmore
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeCarl Seguiban, Burnaby, B.C.last rites …
rain fading into
bird song
2nd Prizeelehna de sousa, Salt Spring Island, B.C.sunlit poppy …
                       the swirl
                   of her red skirt
3rd PrizeCarl Seguiban, Burnaby, B.C.bluest
on forgotten graves—
wild myosotis
Honourable Mention (8)Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiești, Romania delivery room—
the gentle light
of the beginning
Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiești, Romaniahuckleberries—
capturing the night
in the jam jar
Jayashree Maniyil, Melbourne, Australiaclearing sky
the gum tree bursts into
rainbow lorikeets
Judit Katalin Hollos, Budapest, Hungarychild soldiers—
a young buck takes the moon 
on its antlers
Debbie Strange, Winnipeg, Man.the whistle
of a wood duck …
her last breath
Dina E. Cox, Unionville, Ont.still there …
soul of the caterpillar
in the butterfly
Mark E. Brager, Columbia, Md.sunlight through fog …
the half-life
of falling leaves
John Barlow, Ormskirk, U.K.leaf-cast shade
a hoverfly moves around
a spot of sunshine

Betty Drevniok Award 2014

JudgeVicki McCullough
Contest coordinatorClaudia Coutou Radmore
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeDarrell Lindsey, Nacogdoches, Texassnow in the treetops—
a lullaby too heavy
for her to sing
2nd PrizeMark E. Brager, Columbia, Md.moon and star …
a stray goose becomes
an echo
3rd PrizeRoland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.so soft the snow no heroic measures
Honourable Mention (8)Kathy Lippard Cobb, Bradenton, Fla.first light—
the tree explodes
with blackbirds
Veronika Zora Novak, Toronto, Ont.solar eclipse …
folding, unfolding
moth wings
Mark E. Brager, Columbia, Md.what was left
by the riverside …
deepening dusk
Harvey Jenkins, Nanaimo, B.C.first pond freeze
a water beetle pushes
against the ice
Marianne Paul, Kitchener, Ont.white peony tea—
snow so fine the night
has flowered
Kathy Lippard Cobb, Bradenton, Fla.white butterfly
drifting through all
she left behind
Sandra Simpson, Tauranga, New Zealandfirst autumn colour—
taking the heirloom
meant for my sister
Carolyn Coit Dancy, Pittsford, N.Y.harvest moon
walking through
a Van Gogh

Betty Drevniok Award 2013

Judge:Dorothy Howard
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeKim Horne, St. Catherines, Ont.the soft snow falls
            on the hill, on my roof and
                 on the homeless
2nd PrizeJanick Belleau, Longueuil, Que.cold winter day
she phones her mother who says:
«who are you?»
3rd PrizeRoland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.half-light a dinghy adrift
Honourable Mention (8)Alan Bridges, Littleton, Mass.late winter sunset glides across lake ice
Jacqueline Pearce, Burnaby, B.C.spring melt
his ashes still
not scattered
Susan Constable, Nanoose Bay, B.C.alone this winter
      counting the nights
      counting the stars
Alan Bridges, Littleton, Mass.        her owl 
(as if it were hers)
       holed up
  in the old oak
Ellen Cooper, Montréal, Québecfallen bread knife —
the waiter picks up
a slice of sky
Tracy Davidson, Stratford-on-Avon, U.K.dark shadows
trying to make sense
of her x-ray
Elehna de Sousa, Salt Spring Island, B.C.some wounds
take forever to heal
—tonight’s red sky
Carolyn Coit Dancy, Pittsford, N.Y._________________________________
through the screen door a cat’s meow and lilacs

Betty Drevniok Award 2012

JudgeNick Avis
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeBill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowa           honeycomb …
           everything she can’t
2nd PrizeTimothy Russell, Toronto, Ohioa red ribbon
writhing on the street—
bitter cold
3rd PrizeTimothy Russell, Toronto, Ohiosolstice—
the incense changes
Honourable Mention (8)Kevin Goldstein-Jackson, Poole, Dorset, Englandfallen leaves
we kick thru
their beauty
Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y. one way
into the labyrinth
a maple key
Pamela Cooper, Montréal, Que.grapefruit harvest—
the morning sun
left dangling
Bruce Ross, Bangor, Maineso much better
than we could do
the frog’s stillness
Grant Savage, Ottawa, Ont.                                   g
                           l    i  n

                    g           s
                  i           it
Earl R. Keener, Bethany, W. Va.sawdust
father pauses to finish
the story
Helen Baker, North Vancouver, B.C.             parade day …
             another blue balloon
floats from reach
Chen-ou Liu, Ajax, Ont.American dream
in each shop window
a different moon

Betty Drevniok Award 2011

JudgeClaudia Coutu Radmore
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeEarl R. Keener, Bethany, W. Va.folding sheets
the weight of a flag
still in my arms
2nd PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowasnowbound:
the rosebushes
up to their hips
3rd PrizeBarry George, Philadelphia, Pa.once before you go
receding snowbank—
tell me your secrets
Honourable Mention (8)Diane Descôteaux, Saint-Nicéphore, Que.          snowstorm—
you’ve gained at least a pound
Paris Elizabeth Sea, Beaconsfield, Que.tidy kitchen
knives all hidden
but handy
Naomi Beth Wakan, Gabriola, B.C.a bikini top
pinned to the park noticeboard
end of summer
Lois Harvey, Ottawa, Ont.side by side
in the hammock
two unread books
Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.a red maple leaf
          that forgot to fall …
he fingers his shrapnel scar
Ellen Cooper, Montreal, Que.setting off beeps
in my smoke detector
a daddy longlegs
Guy Simser, Kanata, Ont.to that scythe moon
looming over the hospice
his tranquil yielding
Roland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.stargazer lilies
 my quantum
     of time

Betty Drevniok Award 2010

JudgeGrant Savage
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeEllen Compton, Washington, D.C.       whispers of a fragrance
my sister loved
          evening in spring
2nd PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowasnowflakes …
all the little
3rd PrizeCarole MacRury, Point Roberts, Wash.star gazing …
one frog answers
Honourable Mention (8)Alice Frampton, Seabeck, Wash.night comes early —
the last of the potatoes
have eyes
Pamela Cooper, Montreal, Que.Indian paintbrush—
the myriad colours
of a fire rainbow
Roland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.the long day
a maple key’s twirl
Carole MacRury, Point Roberts, Wash.intermission—
a fly on the piano
walks a full scale
Catherine J. S. Lee, Eastport, Mainemorning hush
the fisherman casts
a thread of sunlight
Marilyn Potter, Toronto, Ont.spring evening—
playing my piano
for all the street to hear
Ellen Compton, Washington, D.C.daylight moon
the chrysanthemums
have covered your name
Alice Frampton, Seabeck, Wash.4-way stop—
everyone waits
for the red corvette

Betty Drevniok Award 2009

JudgeAngela Leuck
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowaautumn light
just this much
to go on
2nd PrizeScott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.mountain clearing
   a hawk carves
     all the rest
3rd Prizean’ya, La Pine, Ore.farmer’s scythe
a harvesting song
in each sweep
Honourable Mention (8)Terry Ann Carter, Ottawa, Ont.endless rain
in my mother’s kitchen
the snap, snapping of beans
Natalia L. Rudychev, Des Plaines, Ill.a heat wave
the butterfly
fans its shadow
Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.autumn foliage past its peak—
the pathway home
in sepia
Catherine J. S. Lee, Eastport, Mainemeadow pond
our blades slice figures
on the moon
elehna de sousa, Salt Spring Island, B.C.retirement home—
each time the heron comes
another goldfish gone
Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, Wash.foreign airport—
a baby’s cry
takes me farther from home
Liz Fenn, Wellsville, N.Y.          they all hush
     when she walks past
—sparrows in the hedge
Bill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowacattails in moonlight—
no such
urges at my age

Betty Drevniok Award 2008

JudgeMarshall Hryciuk
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesMore than 200
1st PrizeMarilyn Potter, Toronto, Ont.the only sound—
a blue dragonfly
between bulrushes
2nd PrizePeggy Willis Lyles, Tucker, Ga.the turning tide at standstill sandhill cranes
3rd PrizeJim Kacian, Winchester, Va.persimmon still hanging the extra day of the year
Honourable Mention (8)Susan Constable, Nanoose Bay, B.C.light snow
a sweep of starlings
over the barn
Peggy Willis Lyles, Tucker, Ga.a strange cat
crouched on the welcome mat—
the short day
Barry Goodmann, Hackensack, N.J.ice storm
the crackle of wood
in the fire
Cathy Drinkwater Better, Eldersburg, Md.sundown
wild geese gather
on the silver lake
Pamela Cooper, Montreal, Que.sugaring off—
the staccato tapping sound
of a woodpecker
Roland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.father’s day
the kite string pulls
from my hand
Catherine J. S. Lee, Eastport, Mainewaning moon
the fox’s bloody footprint
in the snow
Arch Haslett, Toronto, Ont.after the air show
turkey vulture
quietly soars

Betty Drevniok Award 2007

JudgeMichael Dylan Welch
Contest coordinator Ann Goldring
Number of entries170
1st PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowa the paramedic feeling
for a pulse
2nd PrizeCarol Pearce, New York, N.Y.in her hand
the downed branch
dancing again
3rd PrizeLin Geary, Paris, Ont.white ice on the willows
my hand slipping
                  into yours
Honourable Mention (8)Merilyn Peruniak, Athabasca, Alta.long spring evening:
gets fitted with new ads
Barry Goodmann, Hackensack, N.J.a sliver of clay
flies off the potter’s wheel
the moon almost full
André Surridge, Hamilton, New Zealandfading harbour light
becoming brisker
her brush strokes
Irene Golas, Sudbury, Ont.first warm day
father gets out
his cap and cane
Leanne McIntosh, Nanaimo, B.C.     The train’s whistle
for a moment long grass
      blowing west 
Francine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowa the wad of paper
longest night
John Quinnett, Bryson City, N.C.more news of the war
looking deeper
into my dog’s eyes
Roland Packer, Hamilton, Ont.sugar maple
the fingerless gloves
of the fiddler

Betty Drevniok Award 2006

JudgeAngela Leuck
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeScott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.  a whitetail flickers 
      into birch … 
what time I have left 
2nd PrizeJohn Ower, Midland, Texasvalentine’s day 
the twinging 
of angina 
3rd PrizeTimothy Russell, Toronto, Ohiosolstice—
minnows darting above 
their darker selves 
Honourable Mention (8)Grant Savage, Ottawa, Ont.silhouette
   the moon outlines
   her single breast
Patricia M. Benedict, Calgary, Alta.his sister’s funeral 
trimming his hair 
before he goes
Helen Baker, Vancouver, B.C.wild geese in flight—
suddenly the sky
so wide
Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.call of a loon …
cove light and shadow 
ripple in
André Surridge, Hamilton, New Zealandsummer afternoon 
settling into its shadow 
the old labrador 
Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, Wash.keeping them for a day—
the broken pieces
of the heirloom bowl
Frances Mary Bishop, Alexandria, Ont.On the old wall 
pictures of the past—
the plaster falling. 
Ernest J. Berry, Picton, New Zealand            Easter Sunday 
neighbours on their knees 

Betty Drevniok Award 2005

JudgeTerry Ann Carter
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeScott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.         frozen lake
a crack, cleaving silence
         to silence
2nd PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowainto his trousers
the old tailor
pressing winter light
3rd PrizePhyllis Brown, Port Colborne, Ont.Quiet suddenly,
and crossing the summer lake
the rain comes in sheets
Honourable Mention (9)Scott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.autumn woods
a patch of low sunlight
just out of reach
John Ower, Corpus Christi, Texasthe hurricane’s approach —
in the dark, a hickory nut
bounces off our car
Graham High, Blackheath, London, U.K. moon at our window—
the evening still bright enough
to sew that button
Blanca Baquero, Canning, N.S.three days of downpour
my only horizon
an old umbrella
John Ower, Corpus Christi, Texasfirst day of spring—
mosquito larvae wriggling
in a dinosaur track
Bill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowacurrents taking us beyond
all the time
we care to measure
Dina Cox, Unionville, Ont.heat wave …
a memory of ocean
rushes in
Graham High, Blackheath, London, U.K.dreaming in the flames—
the stack of burning twigs
falls into nothing
Bill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowapath of pine needles …
he adds her
to his Christmas list

Betty Drevniok Award 2004

JudgePhilomene Kocher
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeKathy Lippard Cobb, Bradenton, Fla.passing train—
water droplets cling
to the pussy willows
2nd PrizeNancy Prasad, Toronto, Ont.remembering dad
as the day of his passing
3rd PrizeMichael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, Wash.relaxing my arm
on the bullseye
Honourable Mention (8)Steve Olson, Colebrook, N.H.looking for work—
the cold deepens
in the elbow joints
Bill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowatrying to call it off
her face keeps changing
in leaflight
Irene Golas, Sudbury, Ont.sudden shower
the boys dash out
without shoes
Barry George, Philadelphia, Pa.first trick or treat—
the toddler reaches
for her mother’s face
kirsty karkow, Waldoboro, MaineChristmas Eve
the jostle of umbrellas
in a crosswalk
R. A. Stefanac, Pittsburgh, Pa.alone
even the moon
slips away
Martin Lucas, Preston, Englandall the departure times
have faded …
a thin autumn rain
Richard R. Powell, Nanaimo, B.C.waiting-room radiator
paper leaves
tremble against their pins

Betty Drevniok Award 2003

JudgeKaren Sohne
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeScott Mason, Chappaqua, N.Y.late December evening
     a fox tail tapers
          to nothing
2nd PrizeBill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowaold couple worrying
what will eat
the crocuses this spring
3rd PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowathis side of snow
steam rising
from the rice bowl
Honourable Mention (8)Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, Wash.the clackity-clack
of the last roller coaster—
a crescent moon
Carolyn Hall, San Francisco, Calif.grosbeak’s song
I brush on one more
wall color sample
Carolyn Hall, San Francisco, Calif. the long day
he plants more tomatoes
than we can eat 
an’ya, CCR, Ore.north wind—
a glistening drop of snot
from the rancher’s nose
Garry Gay, Santa Rosa, Calif.Resting
in the wheelbarrow
last year’s scarecrow
Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, Wash.ringing phone—
the bathroom scale
recenters itself
Anne LB Davidson, Saco, Mainestillness …
the surveyor’s orange ribbon
divides the fog
Barry Goodmann, Hackensack, N.J.Stuck in traffic
the white billboard
bigger than the moon

Betty Drevniok Award 2002

JudgeHans Jongman
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesNearly 500
1st PrizeMichael McClintock, South Pasadena, Calif.the moon
has found it for me
a mountain path
2nd PrizeEarl R. Keener, Bethany, W.Va.shift change
a coalminer squints
in the snowfall
3rd PrizeTimothy Russell, Toronto, Ohiofirst snow —
how lightly
the cat steps
Honourable Mention (8)Bill Pauly, Dubuque, Iowaold priest,
his fingers dark
with newsprint
Jim Kacian, Winchester, Va.saddle shop
the worn seat
of her jeans
w. f. owen, Antelope, Calif.autumn evening
she lays out his clothes
on the bed
Jenny Thorson, Dubuque, Iowa   voices
in this old tree
Cindy Tebo, Catawissa, Mo.in the shadow of lilacs
   a cat with her nose
      in the air
Giovanni Malito, Cork, Irelandthe days shorten—
seeing less and less
of our neighbours
an’ya, Pineville, Ore.open market—
the gypsy baby clutches
a grape in her fist
Marian Olson, Santa Fe, N.M.90 this year
the fisherman reels in
a fighting trout

Betty Drevniok Award 2001

JudgeGeorge Swede
Contest coordinatorAnn Goldring
Number of entriesAbout 450
1st PrizeMichael Dylan Welch, Foster City, Calif.morning sun
      a patch of frost
in the holstein’s shadow
2nd PrizeKathy Lippard Cobb, Bradenton, Fla.autumn dusk …
a weathered hand waves
from the rain
3rd PrizeFrancine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowafirst night of snow
sifting through
his box of old buttons
Honourable Mention (8)Terry Ann Carter, Nepean, Ont.checking the obituaries
the dead leaves
curl under
Jim Kacian, Winchester, Va.our argument lasts
long into the night
the windy trees
Timothy Russell, Toronto, Ohiosnowy morning
crows trading places
in the tree of heaven
Sandra Fuhringer, Hamilton, Ont.daydreaming child     cloud in a puddle
Francine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowacloudy day
giving the prism
a twirl
D. Claire Gallagher, Sunnyvale, Calif.      after love
 this sweet burst
of cherry tomato
Michael Dylan Welch, Foster City, Calif.dried tadpole
stuck with a pin—
ticking sleet
kirsty karkow, Waldoboro, Mainealone again
… the last raspberry
sharp on my tongue

Betty Drevniok Award 2000

JudgeMarco Fraticelli
Number of entriesMore than 300
1st PrizeDina E. Cox, Unionville, Ont.leaves falling—
the sudden blackness
of branches
2nd PrizeJim Kacian, Winchester, Va.midsummer rains—
the glass on the stoop
half-full …
3rd PrizeWinona Baker, Nanaimo, B.C.breast self-examination
a moth batters
the screened window
Honourable Mention (8)an’ya, Pineville, Ore.crosswinds —
just a black centre
on the straw poppy
Marian Olson, Santa Fe, N.M. autumn butterfly
on the warm boulder
Elizabeth St Jacques, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.cold and overcast …
dipping my banana slice
in sunflower seeds
Giovanni Malito, Cork, Irelandfresh bloom
     of lilac
my steps slow
Angela Leuck, Verdun, Que.today the tulips
tightly closed—my little boy’s
sullen face
Giovanni Malito, Cork, Irelandfly caught
in an abandoned web
… summer solstice
Alice Frampton, Delta, B.C.late August—
pushing through cornstalks
midnight raccoons
Marianne Bluger, Ottawa, Ont.opening slowly
in the warm kitchen—the last
frost-scarred red rose

Betty Drevniok Award 1999

JudgeSandra Fuhringer
Number of entriesNot stated
1st PrizeGrant Savage, Ottawa, Ont.from reed to reed
a blackbird follows
               its song
2nd PrizeTimothy Russell, Toronto, Ohio snow
the mourners
huddle closer
3rd PrizeRuby Spriggs, Ottawa, Ont.full moon
all night
Honourable Mention (8)Marje A. Dyck, Saskatoon, Sask.Shadows shifting
over the reed bed
 dark      light
Tom Painting, Rochester, N.Y.mistletoe
his smile lines deepen
her blush
Hans Jongman, Toronto, Ont.Farmers’ market
a child follows her stroller
filled with potatoes
Naomi Beth Wakan, Gabriola, B.C.Cormorants
On the dock wings open
To greet the ferry
Sexton-Page, Indianapolis, Ind.June:
a sprinkle of rain turning
bales to hay again
Elizabeth St Jacques, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.jagged hole
in thin lake-ice
the wolf’s eyes
Elizabeth St Jacques, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.    Lake Louise
silently I sit inside
   a photograph
Jeanne Jorgensen, Edmonton, Alta.reed shadows
merge into the pond
faint coyote’s howl

Betty Drevniok Award 1998

JudgeRod Willmot
Number of entriesNearly 400
1st PrizeSandra Fuhringer, Hamilton, Ont.frost at the window
a bowl of white rice
2nd Prizeanne mckay, Vancouver, B.C.so close the living the dying     roses in a blue bowl
3rd PrizeF. M. Black, Columbia, S.C.    the carousel spins
a girl’s delirious laughter
       July evening …
Honourable Mention (8)Patricia M. Benedict, Calgary, Alta.My delighted dog
gives me the grand tour amid
the rain-soaked blossoms
Terry Ann Carter, Nepean, Ont.difference of opinion
the student’s
loud voice
Ross Figgins, Claremont, Calif.their last picnic—
     a cold wind folds her corner
          of the blanket
Kim Horne, St. Catherines, Ont.selfish mother
her voice does not reach
white chrysanthemums
Patricia Neubauer, Allentown, Pa.small stirrings
deep within the leaf pile—
the cat’s eyes darken
William M. Ramsey, Florence, S.C.     planting tulips
for a moment
     liking myself
Grant Savage, Ottawa, Ont.months after chemo
     I find her hair
          in the bluebirds’ nest
Sexton-Page, Indianapolis, Ind.rain, song in a field
   grandfather’s long how flying
      sprouts row beside row

COMPILED BY: Mike Montreuil

ADAPTED FROM: Betty Drevniok Awards archive, Haiku Canada website, and Mike Montreuil, comp. and ed., Playing a Lullaby: The Betty Drevniok Awards 1998–2011


  • Montreuil, Mike, comp. and ed. Playing a Lullaby: The Betty Drevniok Awards 1998–2011. Ottawa: Éditions des petits nuages, 2012.



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