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Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems (2011– )

The Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems were first presented by The Haiku Foundation in 2011 for haiku and senryu published in 2010 that represented noteworthy additions to English-language haikai in the estimation of a panel of distinguished poets, editors, and scholars.

Since 2011 the Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone awards for excellence in haiku in the previous year have been given out in two categories, Individual Poems and Distinguished Books. Selections in each category are made by a separate panel of prominent haiku poets, editors, and scholars who typically serve a three-year term. The process is overseen by an awards committee chair: Jim Kacian was the first to perform this task, replaced by Mark Harris, and then, since 2015, Bruce H. Feingold

Nominations for the annual Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems are accepted from any individual who has had at least one haiku or senryu published during the award year. A person may nominate no more than two haiku or senryu, one of which may be his or her own. For the purposes of this award, publication is constituted by, but not limited to, first appearance in a juried public venue such as a book, journal, online site, or contest. The Selection Panel reserves the right to determine whether a poem meets this criterion. Work by members of the Selection Panel, Committee members, and THF Board members are not eligible for consideration. A nomination form with detailed instructions is available on The Haiku Foundation website.

The Selection Panel selects a shortlist of typically about thirty haiku or senryu, then a few weeks later announces six to eight winning entries. Award laureates receive an etched glass plaque with their winning poem. Competition results are announced on The Haiku Foundation website. 

Below are listed, most recent first, the individual poems that were awarded a Touchstone Award for the years from 2011 to the present, the authors’ names and publication in which each poem appeared, and links to The Haiku Foundation’s web pages that contain the text of the winning poems and the Selection Panel’s comments.

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2023

Selection panel:Roberta Beary, Gregory Longenecker, Marianne Paul, Agnes Eva Savich, Dan Schwerin, and Shloka Shankar
Poems award coordinator:Robin Smith
Nominations:1,671 from 51 journals, 14 contest
organizers, and 298 individuals
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners (7):the mother my summer diedSusan Antolin,
Mariposa 49
while(the clouds turn into rain)the lily bloomsNorma Bradley,
Whiptail 7
feeling my wings
Mark Gilbert,
Stardust Haiku 73
cathedral vaulting
the centuries
of whale fall
Laurie Greer,
Kingfisher 7
until it’s a noun gardenMatthew Markworth,
Modern Haiku 54:2
laughing daughters somewhere sunflowersJohn Pappas,
FreshOut Magazine,
July 2, 2023
advice for my son—
the tissue paper
protecting each pear
Chad Lee Robinson,
The Heron’s Nest 25:1
Other shortlisted poems / publications (22):hunger moon
a mother swaddles
her silent infant
Farah Ali,
Suspect Device 11
spring cleaning
we sweep a war
under the rug
Marilyn Ashbaugh,
haikuKATHA 16
forest walk
the phoenix stirring
within me
Antoinette Cheung,
Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2023
early phone call
I watch grief claim
my mother’s face
Marion Clarke,
Under the Bashō, November 5, 2023
coastal walk
the tumult of the sea
in my son’s eyes
Adele Evershed,
Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2023
proxy war chills at NetflixTazeen Fatma,
Prune Juice 39
breaking waves
we talk with our children
about our ashes
Bruce Feingold,
Tinywords 23:1, May 17, 2023
bone white winter moon breath of a snow hareJoan C. Fingon,
Whiptail 6
infant funeral
the hush of snow falling
into an ocean
John Hawkhead,
Asahi Haikuist Network, November 3, 2023
should you clip my rorschach’s wingsJonathan Humphrey,
Prune Juice 41
six spruces where astral rhymes are scentJonathan Humphrey,
Whiptail 8
THiRD PLaNET FROm THE SUN an antHILLJulie Bloss Kelsey,
tsuri-dōrō 17
hospice invoice:
date of arrival
date of departure
Ellen Kom,
Prune Juice 39
father’s war journal …
an ocean without
a shore
Kathryn Liebowitz,
Kingfisher 8
inexperienced moonlight in the bed of liliesMary McCormack,
Kingfisher 8
robin songs
an immigrant’s child
translates for grandpa
Joe McKeon,
Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Awards
                                                 and i
the fine slackline
                               and i
                                                                           and i
Kati Mohr,
Marlene Mountain Memorial Haiku Contest 2023, 2nd Place
beam by beam
the old barn taken down
to sky
Peter Newton,
The Heron’s Nest 25:2
folding towels
my mother’s way
with the past
Michele Root-Bernstein,
The Heron’s Nest 25:1
broken rice bowl—
I never stopped
to be a daughter
Maria Teresa Sisti,
Lothlorien Poetry Journal, June 16, 2023
all the notes I’ll never reach birdsongJennifer Sutherland,
Modern Haiku 54:3
sliding into autumn
slow trombone jazz
Tony Williams,
Haiku in Action, Week 72
Other longlisted poems / publications (25):the secret song of the creek my mother asks for her motherAnette Chaney,
Trailblazer Contest 2023
grief an ancient dialect of snow
Cherie Hunter Day,
Hedgerow 144
at some point
they all leave
Johnette Downing,
Modern Haiku 54:3
autumn morning
a few atoms of Issa
in each dewdrop
Keith Evetts,
Leaf 2
desert cliffs
the shadow of a raven
carries dad home
Bruce H. Feingold,
Giorgia Di Pancrazio and Katherine E Winnick, eds., To Live Here: A Haiku Anthology







Cynthia Hendel,
Whiptail 8
its own weather
Jonathan Humphrey,
Prune Juice 41
mother stops balancing
her checkbook
Barbara Kaufmann,
Pulse, May 19, 2023
a drizzle plucking
p u dd l e s
Anju Kishore,
haikuKATHA 21
her long gaze
at The Birth of Venus …
a teenaged niqābi
Chen-ou Liu,
Tsuri-dōrō 16
15 items or lest we forgetDavid McKee,
Frogpond 46:1
opening dad’s pocket knife the cold between usRon C. Moss,
Modern Haiku 54:3
betel leaf vine—
a farmer chews the tip
of her folksong
Daipayan Nair,
haikuKATHA 22
border checkpoint
she tells her dolls
to be brave
John Pappas,
Haiku in Action, Week 73
no letup
in the culture wars
Memorial Day
Christopher Patchel,
Tsuri-dōrō 18
the machete
used to cut the cane
used to cut the neighbors
Bryan Rickert,
Haiku in Action, Week 77
still born inside the after-black an ounce of moonRowan Beckett,
Trailblazer Contest 2023
the last song
I sing her the lullaby
she taught me
Patricia McKernon Runkle, Tinywords 23:1, May 15, 2023
fading into frame this deer quiet dawnRich Schilling,
Whiptail 8
the filling and emptying
of life’s coffers
Vidya Shankar,
Under the Bashō, May 8, 2023
a million twilit reasons but one white storkRicha Sharma,
Whiptail 6
snow grains
the field dad had no time
to plant
Debbie Strange,
Folk Ku 1 (May 2023)
so far from the nest
will anyone who knows you
know your tree
Herb Tate,
Folk Ku 1 (May 2023)
river mouth
her mother tongue
flows freely
 C.X. Turner,
haikuNetra 1:3
))) hUM ^^^ miNg bird ! >Joseph P. Wechselberger,
Whiptail 7

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2022

Selection panel:Roberta Beary, Greg Longenecker, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Marianne Paul, Agnes Eva Savich
Poems award coordinator:Robin Smith
Nominations:1,294 from 42 journals and 395 individuals
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (5):coming out …
my father’s love
with an *
Peg Cherrin-Myers,
Kingfisher 6
once more around the dance floor IV poleLorraine A Padden,
Blōō Outlier Journal,
Senryu Special
shifting clouds my child’s pronounsBryan Rickert,
Prune Juice 38
a bookmark
where my son
grew too old
Chad Lee Robinson,
Prune Juice 37
silent after
the shooting
Joshua Eric Williams,
Rattle, July 2022
Other shortlisted
poems / publications (26):
letting go
of what’s not mine
prairie wind
Hifsa Ashraf,
Tinywords 22:2
all the colours
of a second chance
Gavin Austin,
Wales Haiku Journal,
Spring 2022
long summer night
the coffin maker sleeps
inside his coffin
R. Suresh Babu,
The Heron’s Nest 24:2
leaving him
a love note
six persimmons
Stephanie Baker,
Geppo 47:2
schrodinger’s womxn knowing and unknowing our placeTracy Davidson,
Marlene Mountain
Memorial Haiku Contest
i am i am not the darkness between subway stationsFrank Dietrich,
Frogpond 45:2
{{{{{woodpecker}}}}}Keith Evetts,
Cold Moon Journal,
July 3, 2022
whale song —
the distances
that call us
Lorin Ford,
Echidna Tracks 9
the space between stars —
a missing child
remains missing
John Gonzalez,
Time Haiku 55
a vanessa flutters light’s thesaurusMarshall Hryciuk,
Whiptail 3
kite-flying lessons
holding on
while letting go
Kim Klugh,
Wales Haiku Journal,
Spring 2022
morning sea
I shake the night
from my wings
Kat Lehmann,
Kingfisher 5
sun tea . . .
a slow pour
of afternoon
Barrie Levine,
The Heron’s Nest 24:3
refugee center—
an empty room
labeled family
Ashish Narain,
Modern Haiku 53:2
bus stop
a room inside
the rain
Peter Newton,
The Heron’s Nest 24:2
roadcut —
a mountain spring seeps
from the Eocene
Linda Papanicolaou,
Mariposa 47
egg laying a little blood on the dewLithica Ann,
Horror Senryu Journal, September 24, 2022
storm clouds
what a father says
with silence
Rich Schilling,
The Heron’s Nest 24:1
simmering heat
the pots and pans deliver
a timpani of spices
Alan Summers,
Haiku Seed Journal,
September 20, 2022
chimney swifts
a headlong dive
into darkness
Lesley Anne Swanson,
Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2022
red lipstick smears
the little face
child bride
Elisa Theriana,
Prune Juice 38
silver lining—
what the storm takes
from the magpie’s fable
Richard Thomas,
Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest 2022
empty bird’s nest the span of a pianist’s handRichard Tindall,
The Heron’s Nest 24:4
heartwood something like forgiveness growing in the cutMarcie Wessels,
haikuKATHA 11
taken up by a hawk
every letter of
a snake’s alphabet
Peter Yovu,
The Heron’s Nest 24:4
windless dawn
a marigold wreath
sways in the kelp
J. Zimmerman,
Acorn 48
Other longlisted poems / publications (22):bird’s eye speedwell
all the march clouds
blown to blue
Meredith Ackroyd,
Blōō Outlier Journal,
Natural History Haiku Issue
as if damp
were a colour …
deep woods
Sidney Bending,
Christine Lowther, ed., Worth More Standing: Poets and Activists Pay Homage to Trees
in the field
among the bush clover
shell casings
Deborah A. Bennett,
Haiku in Action 27
rabbit + owl = owlTom Blessing,
Ubu 3
autumn afternoon
up a ladder, down a ladder
move a ladder
Alan S. Bridges,
The Heron’s Nest 24:1
date rape a pocket full of posiesSusan Burch,
Marlene Mountain
Memorial Haiku Contest
skipping stones
answering questions
with questions
Christopher Calvin,
Stardust Haiku 64
Penrose process …
how much energy
can my heart muster?
Joshua Gage,
The Starlight SciFaiku Review 2
brand new day insert fresh violenceGary Hittmeyer,
Frogpond 45:3
pressed freesia—
the fragrance
of absence
Dan Iulian,
THF Haiku Dialogue, June 22, 2022
spring green you discover my bare breasts againIsabella Kramer,
Poetry Pea Journal 1:22
autumn unfolding a plaid shirt in the country storeBarrie Levine,
The Heron’s Nest 24:1
(r)agingBarrie Levine,
Marlene Mountain
Memorial Haiku Contest
the magnolia
wasn’t ours, yet its absence
Patricia J. Machmiller,
Kingfisher 6
stained glass the half-empty churchLorraine A Padden,
Kingfisher 5
my size
the shoes he said
would see him out
Alan Peat,
Mayfly 73
open range
the unbridled
horsetail clouds
Bryan Rickert,
Blithe Spirit 32:4
in a while the firefly onceMichele Root-Bernstein,
Whiptail 3
circling around
and around and around …
black dog
Joshua St. Claire,
Kokako 37
overcast sky …
a leaf floats back
to the burning pile
Kavitha Sreeraj,
haikuKATHA 4
64 crayons white the least usedMargaret Walker,
Babylon Sidedoor Journal, January 2022
the name stitched into
a kid’s cap
Peter Yovu,
Hedgerow 140

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2021

Selection panel:Roberta Beary, Chuck Brickley, Anna Maris, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Christopher Patchel, Angela Terry
Touchstone awards coordinators:Bruce H. Feingold and Robin Smith
Nominations:More than 1,500
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (6):before
they were my daughters …
Meredith Ackroyd, Frogpond 44:3
late-night train
the mother’s lullaby
for everyone
Hifsa Ashraf,
Kontinuum: Kortárs haiku/ Contemporary Haiku 1:1
middle age
I build the snowman
a son
Peter Newton,
The Heron’s Nest 23:2
beneath the blossoms
she counts her years
on one hand
Sasha A. Palmer,
Japan Fair Haiku Contest 2021
not every color
has a name …
midnight jazz
Tiffany Shaw-Diaz,
Stardust Haiku 50
below the missing dog a missing womanJoan Torres,
#FemkuMag 31
Other shortlisted poems (25):sanitized
for the children
my twenties
Susan Antolin,
Mariposa 44
capitol steps
a riot
of cherry blossom
Marilyn Ashbaugh,
Geppo 46:3
as the crow flies fentanylAaron Barry,
Prune Juice 35
the river in every room brown troutBisshie,
The Heron’s Nest 23:1
gone to seed …
wind and light
sweep the field
Tom Clausen,
Upstate Dim Sum 2021/I
incoming tide
sand unzips the
soles of my feet
Robert Davey,
Acorn 46
ancient syllables
the forest alive
in birdsong
Pat Davis,
Cold Moon, October 7, 2021
the minor notes
in a half scale
slow rising moon
Terri L. French,
Tsuri-dōrō 5
not just blowing smoke climate changeTerri L. French,
Tinywords 21:2
Lee Gurga,
Modern Haiku 52:1
not as long
as it used to be
summer day
Jennifer Hambrick,
Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2021
years of being who we are
my shirt letting the rain
soak in
Gary Hotham,
Tsuri-dōrō 4

to what is not mine
the passing clouds
Lakshmi Iyer,
THF Monthly Kukai, April 2021
tearing the filter
off his cigarette—
war stories
PMF Johnson,
Bottle Rockets 44
spring sun
still some winter
in the turtle
Laurie D. Morrissey,
First Frost 1
ancient wisdom—
naming negative space
in the night sky
Helen Ogden,
Cold Moon, October 22, 202
the blue swallows the blue swallowsour thomas,
Whiptail 1
bottled water
does the river know
its many names?
Minal Sarosh,
Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2021
scenting the night
with somewhere else
train whistle
Ann K. Schwader,
The Heron’s Nest 23:1
childhood memories …
I open and close
the wrought iron gate
Neena Singh,
THF Haiku Dialogue, October 6, 2021
conger eel thrashing in the creel this hungerLew Watts,
Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2021
starry night
—a lighthouse
—a lighthouse
James Young,
Poetry Pea Journal, Spring 2021
acres of cotton
his son asks if they’ll
be slaves again
J. Zimmerman,
Presence 71
bobolink in flight
his song for her the length
of a hay field
J. Zimmerman,
Modern Haiku 52:3
global warming
the delicate oars
of this lifeboat
J. Zimmerman,
Tinywords, October 14, 2021

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2020

Selection panel:Chuck Brickley, Anna Maris, Pravat Kumar PadhyChristopher Patchel, Michelle Tennison, and Angela Terry
Touchstone Awards coordinator:Bruce H. Feingold
Nominations:More than 1,300
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (4):what remains
after the river is gone
this empty bed
Kat Lehmann,
Mayfly 68
long before language the S of the riverAnnette Makino,
Francine Porad
Haiku Award, 2020
rain-soaked earth
a robin tugs one end
of the universe
Julie Schwerin,
Frogpond 43:3
pasture fence
where the paint ran out
a bluebird’s song
Rick Tarquinio,
The Heron’s Nest 22:1
Other shortlisted poems / publications (24):
through the cracked window
                   a chirp
                            of sunlight
Kelly Sauvage Angel,
Wales Haiku Journal,
Summer 2020
within the song
of a winter wren
another begins
Joanna Ashwell,
Shamrock 43
viewing the tree
three generations
of crossed arms
Roberta Beary,
Modern Haiku 51:1
Helen Buckingham,
Bones 20
midnight blue
a grandma-shaped crater
on the moon
Hemapriya Chellappan, Blōō Outlier Journal 1
returning time a poppy seed drops the sunBeate Conrad,
Sonic Boom 18
washing our hands—
each soap bubble holds
all the colors
Christine Horner,
Geppo 45:3
    in the space
our light makes
Gary Hotham,
Scott Mason, ed.,
Gratitude in the Time of COVID-19: The Haiku Hecameron
moving van …
everything but the growth marks
on the closet door
Elinor Pihl Huggett,
Geppo 45:3
steady rain
might as well
keep walking
Bill Kenney,
The Heron’s Nest 22:1
fall starts measuring time in butterfliesCraig Kittner,
Bones 21
switching to
     a lower case i
autumn stars 
Matthew Markworth,
Modern Haiku 51:3
pre-dawn stars
the rattle of glass bottles
from a passing milk truck
John McManus,
Hedgerow 132
dusk between the fragments of a prehistoric bird I recognize my mother’s beakRéka Nitrai,
her eulogy—
the sound of the ocean
in a small shell
Carol Ann Palomba,
Mayfly 68
an orchid
trapped in a paperweight
child bride
Vandana Parashar,
The Heron’s Nest 22:4
horse pasture
the prairie wind moves
with muscle
Chad Lee Robinson,
The Heron’s Nest, 22:4
adult coloring book
I still can’t stay
within the lines
Adelaide B. Shaw,
Failed Haiku 51
in the space
left by twilight
Ann Schwader,
Tinywords 20:1,
August 13, 2020
before we were human the sparrow’s callTiffany Shaw-Diaz, Heliosparrow, January 10, 2020
our car never nearer the shimmer of black water on the desert roadRichard Tice,
Haiku Pea Podcast
Series 3 Episode 24
blackbird singing light into the wombStephen Toft,
is/let 2020
what pines!
what lady’s slippers!
when i take tomorrow’s walk
Vincent Tripi,
Modern Haiku 51:3
moss-grown stone
a daughter’s age
in days
Mike White,
Frogpond 43:3

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2019

Selection panel:Chuck Brickley, Susan Constable,
Anna Maris, Christopher Patchel, Wally Swist, and Michelle Tennison 
Touchstone Awards coordinator:Bruce H. Feingold
Nominations:Nearly 900
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (6):strawberry season
acres and acres
of bent backs
Gregory Longenecker
The Heron’s Nest 21:2
wind song
between boulders—
ochre handprints
Leanne Mumford
Echidna Tracks 2: Landscapes, March 17, 2019
dappled light
the voice a crow has
for its young
Polona Oblak
The Heron’s Nest 21:4
be still wind
and know rain
that I am tree
Renée Owen
Modern Haiku 50:2
the snow
ulu moon
Robin Anna Smith,
Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards
day moon
the only witness
remains silent
Julie Warther
Acorn 42
Other shortlisted poems / publications (24):country road
the long ride through the scent
of cattle gone ahead
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Wales Haiku Journal,
Spring 2019
living alone …
both ends
of the wishbone
Francine Banwarth
The Heron’s Nest 21:3
light rain the karst of everyday mindSondra J. Byrnes
Sonic Boom 15
in a stone angel’s palm
advancing rain
Paul Chambers
Presence 65
hardening the tractor ruts blackthorn windSimon Chard
Presence 64
earwigs spill
from fennel stalks
Sarah-Jane Crowson
Wales Haiku Journal,
Autumn 2019
dust of a moth
all that i’ve been
belongs to the moon
Lucia Fontana
Failed Haiku 46
moonlight what’s left of the riverLorin Ford
The Heron’s Nest 21:3
mom’s grave—
the breeze parts my hair
just so
Warren Gossett
Acorn 42
oak leaf frozen to the sidewalk a celibate lifeLee Gurga
Mariposa 40
field of poppies the war somewhereElmedin Kadric
Presence 64
three tiny bones
in my inner ear
meadow lark
Marietta McGregor
The Heron’s Nest 21:4
power cut
we reach Mordor
by candlelight
John McManus
Hedgerow 129
summer the heat of his punchLori A Minor
Troutswirl Blog
backyard weeds everyone has a nameBen Moeller-Gaa
Hedgerow 129
night bus
the emptiness
well lit
Bryan Rickert
The Heron’s Nest 21:2
both tent flaps
tied open
morning solitude
Chad Lee Robinson
Acorn 43
maple keys tomorrow a sermon on doorsDan Schwerin
Modern Haiku 50:3
Woodstock forever stamps summer’s endCharlie Shiotani
The Heron’s Nest 21:4
I skip a pebble across
the universe
Debbie Strange
Seashores 2
ghost apple
this emptiness
Debbie Strange
Shamrock 42
weathered oars
we fold our worries
into the river
Debbie Strange
Acorn 42
seeds sewn
into her dress
Mary Weiler
Frogpond 42:2
late-life affair
the weathered stone wall
wild with foxgloves
Lucy Whitehead
Modern Haiku 50:3

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2018

Selection panel:Terry Ann Carter, Gary Hotham, Renée Owen, Michele Root-Bernstein, Wally Swist, and
Dietmar Tauchner
Touchstone Awards coordinator:Bruce H. Feingold
Nominations:More than 800
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (6): blood moon
he doesn’t take no
for an answer
Susan Burch
Marlene Mountain Memorial
Haiku Contest 2018
crow …
the dark crackle
of river ice
Elinor Pihl Huggett
Geppo 43:3
crown of thorns
things we make
with our hands
Jessica Malone Latham
Mariposa 39
the blade
after the whetstone—
summer rain
Tanya McDonald
Mariposa 38
deep night sky
the dashboard lights too bright
for this loneliness
Chad Lee Robinson
Frogpond 41:3
more automatic words about weaponsJohn Stevenson
Frogpond 41:2
Other shortlisted poems / publications (25):housewarming …
a swarm of honey bees
in the crawl space
Barnabas I. Adeleke,
The Heron’s Nest 20:4
summer’s end
the fence splinters
into meadowlarks
Elizabeth Alford,
Stardust Haiku 20
learning to eat
around bruises
winter apples
Debbi Antebi
The Heron’s Nest 20:1 
lilac on her dress
for a moment
I’m in the fields
Faten Anwar
The Mamba 6
Russian nesting dolls—
where’s the room
to be oneself
Betty Arnold,
Amy Ostenso-Kennedy and
Phillip Kennedy, eds.,
Nesting Dolls (YTHS 2018 Members’ Anthology)
pre-dawn stars …
plumes of breath
from a cattle truck
Paul Chambers
Acorn 41
spring wind
a young sheepdog
skedaddles the lambs
Claire Everett
The Heron’s Nest 20:1
morning frost
how brightly shines
the barbed wire
Florin C. Florian,
Johnny Baranski Memorial Haiku Contest, 2018
signs of spring
at the bottom of one pot
shards of another
Robert Gilliland
Mariposa 38
your absence
in my hands
Eufemia Griffo
Modern Haiku 49:2
the mountains
Santōka never saw again—
closed saké shop
Engin Gülez
Little Haiku Contest (Iris), 2017
as a mouse
the trap
John Hawkhead
The Heron’s Nest 20:1
keepsacheDavid J Kelly
Frogpond 41:1
the short drive
to Los Alamos
paul m.
Acorn 40
family gathering
sliced warm beetroot
stains what it touches
Ron C. Moss
Acorn 40
stepping stones …
someone else
years ago
Guy Nesom
Mayfly 64
all souls’ day
something startles
a field of doves
Polona Oblak
Presence 60
one steeple
at a time
Bryan Rickert
Modern Haiku 49:1
another year
the weight of my shadow
on new snow
Joseph Robello
Mariposa 39
the heartbeat
of a painted pony
winter prairie
Chad Lee Robinson, 
Mariposa 38
in the outback river
paperbark trees
Maureen Sexton
Creatrix 43
summer visit
mother fits into
a smaller hug
Sushma A. Singh
The Heron’s Nest 20:4 
fallow fields a light dusting of snow geeseDebbie Strange
Mariposa 39
peat bog
the spreading fire
of cloudberries
Debbie Strange
Shamrock 40
the thin whistling
of the wind in the bottle
has faded away
Max Verhart
Chrysanthemum 24

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2017

Selection panel:Gary Hotham, Ron C. Moss,
Renée Owen, Michele Root-Bernstein,
Dietmar Tauchner, and Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Bruce H. Feingold
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (6):crematorium
the sound of someone
unwrapping flowers
frances angela,
Acorn 38
moths the color
of the dying pine
Cherie Hunter Day,
Modern Haiku 48:2
prairie sky
the depth
of a sigh
Rajandeep Garg,
Modern Haiku 48:3
their ancient hum
to sunrise
Michele L. Harvey,
The Heron’s Nest 19:3
as if they know
they won’t last
Sharon Pretti,
Frogpond 40:2
its gentle push
on the curtains …
summer night
John Shiffer,
Acorn 38
Other shortlisted poems / publications (24):the last of mother’s things packed the snow globe settlesfrances angela,
Modern Haiku 48:2
empty notebooks
the poems
I keep unwritten
Debbi Antebi
Presence 58
cut flowers
the short life
of compliments
Debbi Antebi
Tinywords 17:2
mellow sunset notes of the wide bore clarinetBill Cooper
The Heron’s Nest 19:4
she asks to ride
the winged horse home
Robert Epstein
The Heron’s Nest 19:2
black ice—
a memory
that isn’t mine
Seren Fargo
Frogpond 40:2
that nothing is mine
clear skies
Lucia Fontana
Chrysanthemum 22
by the trees I planted—
summer night
Ruth Holzer, 
Frogpond 40:1
winter sunrise
butter finds its own path
across grandma’s skillet
Frank Hooven
The Heron’s Nest 19:1
a black swan takes the night
under its wing
Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
Kokako 26
for all my sins
incense stick
Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
Modern Haiku 48:2
I lose the lily
petal by petal
Lori A Minor,
H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest
starving refugee
a hand approaches her mouth
with a microphone
Indra Neil Mekala,
Kusamakura Haiku Competition
when a white bear roamed the unheard ofPeter Newton
Bones 12
sweltering night
a hole in the backyard
bleeds scorpions
Anthony Itopa Obaro
The Heron’s Nest 19:2
endless closed doors along the hotel hallway winter solsticeOlivier Schopfer
Modern Haiku 48:1
eggs in a shirt
to be here
so lightly
Dan Schwerin
Frogpond 40:1
the way we left our dining room chairsJohn Stevenson
Modern Haiku 48:1
letting go
of letting go …
apple blossoms
Michael Stinson
Stardust Haiku 3
for some
includes birdsong
Hilary Tann
The Heron’s Nest 19:4
as if nothing
an empty seashore
had happened
Ernest Wit
Bones 12
depth of winter
the ukulele just right
in my arms
Karina M. Young
Mariposa 36
last breath …
someone opens the window
to the soul
Romano Zeraschi
Chrysanthemum 22
memorial day
each name
soaked in rain
David He Zhuanglang
Stardust Haiku 5

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2016

Selection panel:Gary Hotham, Ron C. Moss,
Renée Owen, Michele
Root-Bernstein, Dietmar
Tauchner, and Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Bruce H. Feingold
Nominations:Nearly 500
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (5):whale vertebrae
drifting from one god
to another
Nicholas Klacsanzky,
A Hundred Gourds 5:3
November wind
the hollow places
that form a song
Peter Newton,
The Heron’s Nest 18:1
darkness …
her name slips
into it
Dave Read,
Acorn 37
last day of summer
the taste of the wooden stick
inside the ice cream
Katrina Shepherd,
The Heron’s Nest 18:4
house clearance
room by room by room
my mother disappears
Alan Summers,
Blithe Spirit 26:1
Other shortlisted poems / publications (24):new home
we unpack
our old habits
Debbi Antebi
Failed Haiku 1:6
off to on I disappear into the visibleFrancine Banwarth
Frogpond 39:3
winter sun
     a crow gives in
     to the wind
Brad Bennett
Presence 55
the world winnowed
 to wheat
Alan S. Bridges
The Heron’s Nest 18:2
midnight call
his car
a pumpkin
Helen Buckingham
Mayfly 60
night sky
I release the minnows
all at once
Glenn G. Coats
Acorn 36
where the river ran
this bed of stones
Susan Constable
Acorn 36
late winter
I hit the bottom
of my fantasy world
Robert Epstein
Mariposa 34
slip one knit one the pattern of winter bonesLorin Ford,
The Living Haiku
Anthology Annual Haiku
Contest, 2016
the length of the night when it matters whySamar Ghose
Sonic Boom 5 
galaxyLeRoy Gorman
is/let, October 1, 2016
drunk on snow melt
from your clavicles
wolf moon
Anita Guenin,
The Living Haiku
Anthology Annual Haiku
Contest, 2016
death what kind of plan is thatCarolyn Hall
Mariposa 35
the squeak
of tulips into a vase …
hospice reception
Michele Harvey
Frameless Sky 4
campfire light
 the color returns
  to dead leaves
Alexander B. Joy
The Heron’s Nest 18:1
all day rain
the weight of trees
in my bones
Ben Moeller-Gaa
Modern Haiku 47:3
the groundhog’s shadow
white where there shouldn’t be
on her mammogram
Elliot Nicely
Modern Haiku 47:2
slow thunder
a lizard’s ribs pressed
against concrete
Polona Oblak, 
The Heron’s Nest 18:2
death anniversary …
his fading odor
in treasured shirt
Aparna Pathak
Wild Plum 2:2
wheeling her chair
through leaf fall …
we sure knew how to dance
Bill Pauly
The Heron’s Nest 18:4
restringing fence wire—
meadowlark’s song one post
ahead of the wind
Chad Lee Robinson
Mariposa 35
thin harvest—
I salt the bitterness
out of the gourd
Carl Seguiban,
The Peggy Willis Lyles
Haiku Awards, 2016
winter night—
the last tram carrying
only the light
Eduard Țară,
Concorso Internazionale
Haiku in Lingua Italiana, 2016
length of the night
on her knitting needles
Maria Tomczak
The Heron’s Nest 18:3

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2015

Selection panel:Carolyn Hall, Eve Luckring,
Lenard D. Moore, Ron C. Moss,
Barbara Ungar, and Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Bruce H. Feingold
Nominations:Nearly 500
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners /
publications (6):
a flash of Pan
in the goat’s eye
barn shadows
Mary Frederick Ahearn
Frogpond 38:3
the carving knife
out of its sheath
winter darkness
Francine Banwarth,
The Heron’s Nest 17:1
the answer is yes no yes breaking wavesRobert Epstein,
The Heron’s Nest 17:4
squash blossoms
the ribbon on her dress
Patricia J. Machmiller,
Frogpond 38:2
spring dream …
slipping my wings
into a work shirt
Michael McClintock,
The Heron’s Nest 17:3
unplanned pregnancy
the hum of a beehive
beneath the porch
John McManus,
Acorn 35
Other shortlisted poems / publications (25):twelve strokes
in the Kanji for ‘rhinoceros’
New Year begins
Fay Aoyagi
Mariposa 32
winter galaxy
the social network
of lost mermaids
Fay Aoyagi
Mariposa 32
nesting time—
the magpie returns
the branches to the tree
Paul Bregazzi, 
Shamrock 32
Helen Buckingham,
he casts his line into the first peal of thunderMatthew Caretti
The Heron’s Nest 17:3
    for a cloud
inside a blue jacket
Markeith Chavous
desert stones
slowly their shadows
change sides
Simon Hanson
Wild Plum 1:2
desert twilight
white-winged doves deeper
into the canyon
Devin Harrison
Shamrock 32
rock paper scissors warElmedin Kadric,
A Hundred Gourds 4:4
graveyard shift
the leftover radish
tumbles in the lunchbox
Elmedin Kadric
The Heron’s Nest 17:3
     evening lull
a seaside cave exhaling
Anatoly Kudryavitsky,
Vladimir Devidé Haiku
daylight savings
what was never
ours to keep
Michael Henry Lee
Tinywords 15:1
distant sirens
over the border bridge
a blood moon
Chen-ou Liu
Shamrock 31
opening the window
to let in the rain
Jeannie Martin
Tinywords 15:1 
evening calm
a spider webbing
the breeze
Ben Moeller-Gaa
Shamrock 32
first warm day
     a robin works
             the infield
H. Gene Murtha
The Heron’s Nest 17:3
into the owl
a night train’s
whistle fading
Sandi Pray
A Hundred Gourds 4:3
after tsunami
a surplus
of emptiness
Dorota Pyra,
20th International Kusamakura
Haiku Competition, 2015
in a rush to reach stillness whitewaterChad Lee Robinson
The Heron’s Nest 17:4
his best lure
passed to me
this floating world
Dan Schwerin, 
Modern Haiku 46:2
the depth of the lake
still in question—
autumn chill
Angela Terry
The Heron’s Nest 17:1
military base—
even the eucalyptus trees
stand in straight lines
Tom Tico
Bottle Rockets 16:2
stillness …
the sound of dusk
washing ashore
Paresh Tiwari
The Heron’s Nest 17:1
ripened grapes
the midday sun
closed inside
Maria Tomczak
Cattails, September 2015
spring field—
each step an explosion
of grasshoppers
Kent Travis
Shamrock 31

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2014

Selection panel:Carolyn Hall, Eve Luckring, Lenard D. Moore, George Swede, Barbara Ungar, and Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Mark Harris
Nominations:Nearly 500
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (5):tendrils of crabgrass
in every direction
that one lie
Susan Antolin, Mariposa 30
the widow’s blinds
part slightly
Chuck Brickley, Mariposa 31
the long night …
an old woman’s loneliness
follows me home
Karen Cesar, Modern Haiku 45:3
night time
in the hospice aquarium
the pulse of fish gills
Joyce Clement,
The Heron’s Nest 16:2
“Do you want me?”
she whispers, and turns
to leaves
David McCann, Acorn 32
Other shortlisted poems / publications (24):autumn sky
only one of us
Melissa Allen
Frogpond 37:1 
the sky turns to snow
          what to name
the heroine
Francine Banwarth
Modern Haiku 45:2 
sine wave
a purple finch
does the math
Alan S. Bridges
The Heron’s Nest 16:4 
dandelion fluff—
the weight of his army
burial flag
Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă,
Hortensia Anderson Memorial Awards
suburban street …
side by side in a bookcase
the tight-shut tales
Jan Dobb
Kokako 21 
clapping erasers
all my wisdom
turned to dust
George G. Dorsty
Bottle Rockets 30 
empty park
two crows start
the world over
Robert Epstein
Acorn 33
global warming—
my cycles
closer together
Seren Fargo
Modern Haiku 45:1
gingko leaves
my father rotating his pen
over a legal pad
Michael Fessler, 
Bottle Rockets 30
Jeff Hoagland
Tinywords 14:2
his promised
paper airplane
Yvette Kolodji
The Heron’s Nest 17:2
trailer park
never enough shade
for the chained dogs
Burnell Lippy
The Heron’s Nest 17:3
paul m.
Mariposa 31
in and out
of the pumpkin’s smile
… a spider
Carole MacRury, 
Shiki Internet Kukai, October 2014
petition for divorce
the period
in every sentence
Anna Mazurkiewicz
Prune Juice 12
ice fishing
my father tries to catch
his breath
John McManus
Mayfly 57
old horses
days of endless rain
in their eyes                             
Ron C. Moss
The Heron’s Nest 17:4
afternoon rain
emptying a book
of its words
Peter Newton
Frogpond 37:3
if glass breaks easily a birdJohn Stevenson
Frogpond 37:1 
whale song
I become
an empty boat
Michelle Tennison
Acorn 32
home from war
we ease out
the champagne corks
Lew Watts
The Heron’s Nest 17:2
sleep’s episiotomy you slip outPeter Yovu
Frogpond 37:3
birdsong broken into war blingPeter Yovu
is/let, December 1, 2014
words furred over my awkward animal toward you nowPeter Yovu 

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2013

Selection panel:Dee EvettsPaul MillerLenard D. MooreGeorge Swede, and Barbara Ungar 
Touchstone Awards
Mark Harris
Nominations:More than 500
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / publications (8):nagasaki …
in her belly, the sound
of unopened mail
Don Baird,
HaikuNow! Contest 2013
overnight the spider’s mathematicsJohn Barlow,
Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Awards
night border crossing—
the elephant calf holds
his mother’s tail
Sonam Chhoki,
Shamrock 26
washed up body
the one who moves
toward it
Mike Dillon,
Modern Haiku 44:3
sand dune     the width of the windHarry Frentz,
Jeanette Stace Memorial Awards
overcast morning
the road worker’s gaze
on southbound geese
Ferris Gilli
Acorn 31
prenuptial contract
fish bones neatly spaced
on white china
Ron C. Moss
Acorn 30

silence of snow
we listen to the house
grow smaller
John Parsons
Frogpond 36:2
Other shortlisted poems / publications (21):august mist
the magnificence
of thought
Ernest J Berry,
Polish International Haiku Competition
gale-force wind
a bird’s nest becomes
what it was
Alan S. Bridges,
Irish Haiku Society International Haiku Competition, 2012
cubist lesson …
I look at my cat
Dawn Bruce
Shamrock 26
dysle,xia s,ympto.ms? Sp,ring. feverMetod Češek
Modern Haiku 44:3
cold snap—
a sparrow flicks its tail
of snowflakes
Marion Clarke
Shamrock 25
purple clematis …
changing her wardrobe
into summer
Anne Curran
Shamrock 26
Father’s Day …
the weight of his hammer
that never fit my hand
Michael L. Evans,
Francine Porad Award
waiting for the blossoms
the birds are still up
the magician’s sleeve
Marco Fraticelli,
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest
   intensive care
the plant’s last leaf
      hangs on
Scott Glander
Mayfly 54
the love we once shared
in the phone book
a hundred of you
Kate Godsey, 
Chrysanthemum 14
Memorial Day
I paint each fingernail
a different color
Carolyn Hall
A Hundred Gourds 3:1
some part of me
still wild
Annette Makino
Tinywords 13:2
no escaping
this moonlight—
Scott Mason,
Harold G. Henderson Awards, 2012
morning fog …
when my embryo
had gills
Tyrone McDonald
The Heron’s Nest 15:1
fire duty
the newly ironed shirt
still warm
Ron C. Moss
The Heron’s Nest 15:1
a meteor flares—
the scrape of a tailpipe
throwing sparks
Chad Lee Robinson
Mariposa 29
humid evening—
the census taker’s
arched eyebrows
Sandra Simpson
Kokako 19
southbound birds the loop of identityDietmar Tauchner,
International Kusamakura Haiku Competition
breaching whale
the time between too soon
and too late
Julie Warther,
Polish International Haiku Competition
orange blossom
lifting her niqab
just enough
Sarah Winteridge
Modern Haiku 44:2
a blue coffin
one nail escapes
the solar system
Peter Yovu,
Roadrunner 13:1

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2012

Selection panel:Fay Aoyagi, Dee Evetts,
John Martone, Paul Miller,
George Swede, and
Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Mark Harris
Nominations:More than 560
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners /
residences / publications
three or four fingers deep red roseMelissa Allen,
Madison, Wisconsin,
Frogpond 35:3
mating dragonflies—
my overuse
of dashes
Aubrie Cox,
Taylorville, Illinois,
Frogpond 35:1
autumn days   drifting from text to marginaliaMark Holloway,
Bedford, U.K.,
Bones 1
first date
the way she pronounces
van Gogh
Bill Kenney,
Whitestone, New York
Modern Haiku 43:2
hesitating until I’m a hummingbirdEve Luckring,
Los Angeles, California,
The Heron’s Nest 14:3
she stops me
from picking a lemon
—it’s asleep, she says
Patricia J. Machmiller,
San Jose, California,
The Heron’s Nest 14
my child’s grip
starts to loosen
John McManus,
Carlisle, U.K.
The Heron’s Nest 14
winter night
reaching a page
someone has folded
Kieran O’Connor,
Engadine, NSW, Australia,
The Heron’s Nest 14
Other shortlisted poems / publications (18):they search for my cervix
  orchids on the ceiling
Helen Buckingham,
Modern Haiku 43:2
weeds gone to seed
I lie again
to my mother
Aubrie Cox
Mayfly 52
winding road
for the next eight miles
Cherie Hunter Day
Modern Haiku 43:1
egg white
slipping through my fingers
winter sunrise
Bill Deegan
Frogpond 35:3
clam dig
the quiet passing
of a sail
Garry Eaton
The Heron’s Nest 14:4
deeper and deeper into the foxglove duskLorin Ford
The Heron’s Nest 14:4
on my mammogram
starless night
Carolyn Hall
The Heron’s Nest 14:3
autumn colors
the scent
of a match being lit
Michele L. Harvey
The Heron’s Nest 14:4
on his way
to the hospital
a dark spot on the moon
Gregory Hopkins
Mayfly 53
tree stump
my father tells me how
to raise a son
Gregory Hopkins
A Hundred Gourds 1:3
summer heat
the strands of hair not captured
by her braid
Michael Ketchek
Frogpond 35:2
discarded monuments     the afterlife of shadowsAnatoly Kudryavitsky
A Hundred Gourds 1:2
Sprinkling            salt            a rain
glistens                an ease    of light
particles               it is
Rebecca Lilly, 
Roadrunner 12:2
shelter in a lit matchEve Luckring
Modern Haiku 43:3
the homeless gentleman
a little soft-shoe
in his stride
Peter Newton
A Hundred Gourds 1:4
all the changes
while we prayed
snow covers the lot
Dan Schwerin
Modern Haiku 43:1
John Stevenson
Acorn 29
family dinner
siblings feed the elephant
in the room
Julie Warther
Frogpond 35:1

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2011

Selection panel:Fay Aoyagi, David Cobb, Dee Evetts, John Martone, Paul Miller, and Diane Wakoski
Touchstone Awards
Mark Harris
Nominations:About 585
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners / residence / publications (6):clouded moon
the sound of her slip
hitting the floor
Ernest J Berry,
Picton, New Zealand, British Haiku Society Awards 2010
calla lily
the sound of a ladder
Cherie Hunter Day,
Cupertino, California,
Harold G. Henderson Awards
he brings flowers
the same shade—
Terri L. French,
Frogpond 34:3
every pine needle
pointing at something
Gregory Hopkins,
The Heron’s Nest 13:2
back from the war
all his doors
swollen shut
Bill Pauly,
Modern Haiku 42:1
migrating geese—
the things we thought we needed
darken the garage
Chad Lee Robinson,
The Heron’s Nest 13:1
Other shortlisted poems / publications (23):bruised apples
he wonders what else
I haven’t told him
Melissa Allen
Acorn 26
shanty town—
the jagged edges
of moonlight
Sanjukta Asopa
The Heron’s Nest 13:3
pan-fried trout
I learn something new
about my father
Dave Baldwin
The Heron’s Nest 13:4
deep summer
on the battlefield
cars for sale
Roberta Beary,
Itoen Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest
on the wings
of black-necked cranes
first snow
Sonam Chhoki
A Hundred Gourds 1:1
the newborn’s hand
brushes my breast—
white camellias
Kathy Lippard Cobb,
Haiku Presence Award, 2010
spring equinox
a worm on both sides
of my shovel
Susan Constable
Bottle Rockets 24 
the stench of
baby questions
Amelia Cotter
The Heron’s Nest 13:2
the curve
of her hips—
Bruce H. Feingold
Tinywords 11:2
what we breathe
in human skin
and insect parts
Chris Gordon, 
Roadrunner 11:1
Spring rain
I’ve upset
the little stack of coins
Stephen Gould,
Haiku Presence Award, 2010
northern lights …
the scratchy play
of seventy-eights
Michele L. Harvey,
Harold G. Henderson Awards, 2011
nightfall …
blowing out
the marshmallow
John Hawk
The Heron’s Nest 13:3
his latest indiscretion
I toss out
the curdled milk
Mary Kipp
Magnapoets 8 
Father’s Day—
a potato
without a face
Susan Marie La Vallée,
Gerald Brady Senryu Awards, 2011
breathless quiet
of a summer evening …
ship in a bottle
Jo McInerney
The Heron’s Nest 13:1
  winter    when
the invisible horse
Scott Metz, 
Roadrunner 11:1
     bare trees
  the little room
where you’re told
Roland Packer
Modern Haiku 42:1
Indian summer
mother dyes her graying hair
the color of straw
Tom Painting,
2nd HaikuNow! International Haiku Contest
banging about
inside my ribs
cherry blossom
Sandra Simpson
DailyHaiku 6:11
the crack
of my biscuit
Barbara Strang
Kokako 15
koi pond
how we imagine
Paul Watsky
The Heron’s Nest 13:3
sun through the ears
of a marmalade cat—
raked leaves
Quendryth Young
Presence 43

Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2010

Selection panel:Fay Aoyagi, Janice Bostok,
David Cobb, John Martone,
Hiro Sato, and John Stevenson
Touchstone Awards
Mark Harris
Nominations:About 600
Results archived:The Haiku Foundation website
Award winners /
publications (7):
ragged clouds
how it feels
to hold a rake
Robert Epstein,
The Heron’s Nest 12:4
the time it takes
to thaw the breast milk—
winter night
Duro Jaiye,
The Heron’s Nest 12:1
morning mist—
the church fills
with the smell of overcoats
Mark Lonergan,
Paper Wasp 16
into the afterlife red leavesPeggy Willis Lyles,
Modern Haiku 41:1
a crow at dusk—
ink sinks deeper
into the page
Greg Piko,
The Heron’s Nest 12:1
slicing papaya—
the swing
of her black pearls
Sandra Simpson.
The Heron’s Nest 12:3
a spiral
of apple peel
autumn moon
Quendryth Young,
Chrysanthemum 8
No shortlist for the 2010 awards
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