Vicente Haya

Vicente Haya (full name Vicente Haya Segovia, born 1962, Seville, Spain; also publishes work on Islamic topics under the name Abdelmumin Aya), professor at the University of Seville specializing in the history of thought and of social and political movements of the Semitic culture. He is also a specialist in Japanese culture and Zen Buddhism, a disciple of Reiji Nagakawa, founder of the Japanese Studies program at the University of Seville, as well as a poet, critic, and sensei for Spanish haiku poets. Haya has published more than 34 books in Spanish, Catalán, Bable (Asturian dialect), Bulgarian, and Japanese and dozens of articles and has presented papers at scores of professional conferences worldwide. He has also taught distance-learning courses in the Aramaic language, among other topics. He resides in Seville.

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Updated on July 31, 2020