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Zornitza Harizanova

Zornitza Harizanova, 2015
Photo by Vasil Harizanov

Zornitza Harizanova (Bulgarian Cyrillic: Зорница Харизанова; born August 19, 1969, Sofia, Bulgaria), translator, editor, and proofreader. She has specialized in Eastern cultures and civilizations and comparative religions at New Bulgarian University. She has served as general secretary of the Bulgarian Haiku Union since 2011 and is a member of the British Haiku Society and the World Haiku Association. Harizanova serves on the editorial team of the journal Хайку свят (Haiku World), and has been guest editor of the journal Картини с думи и багри (Pictures with Words and Color) as well as editor and translator of the bilingual haiku anthology Beyond Words / Отвъд думите (2018). She is founder and judge of the International Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest, judge of the national December Haiku Contest, and judge of the Japan Airlines World Children’s Haiku Contest. Harizanova resides in Sofia.

Note: This is an abstract of a longer biographical article to come.

Updated on August 16, 2023